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January 13, 2014

Kyle from CoinTalk.ca, a new and very well-produced videocast, was kind enough to interview me on his show last month in Las Vegas. Here’s the audio, where I talk about the history of bitcoin in New Hampshire as well as my personal history with it, and the video is embedded …More

While at PorcFest 2012, I was on Anarchast with Jeff Berwick, who also writes The Dollar Vigilante. Here’s the short video, and the audio alone. Enjoy!

Porc Therapy 2012-06-08

June 9, 2012

Topics: Philadelphia outlaws giving food to homeless people; long term and short term solutions to poverty; Shire Sharing backpack distribution to homeless; Derrick J’s victimless crime spree; “Slutty Wednesday” school dress code protest; SlutWalk (here’s a link to DC SlutWalk); missed court because of illness? Bench warrant for you!; scary …More

Porc Therapy 2012-03-09

March 10, 2012

Topics: Feedback from last week’s show on diversity; the dreaded creeper label; components of creepiness; objectification; do beautiful people get more attention, and why?; “When are you moving to New Hampshire?”; revenge of the nerd (my story about an interaction years later with a high school jock); healthy weight and …More