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I was so pleased to join my good friend Jake on The Voluntary Life again for a two-part show where we address common objections to bitcoin. Jake was already kind enough to share the show notes, so here they are: An interview with Stephanie Murphy looking in-depth at Bitcoin. Stephanie …More

Show Notes courtesy of Jake from my guest appearance on The Voluntary Life – 109 Getting Started With Bitcoin! (Hint, it’s worth listening for the impromptu intro/outro ;-)) An interview with Stephanie Murphy, co-host of the show Let’s Talk Bitcoin, about getting started with using Bitcoin. Topics covered include: What …More

Video from the panel discussion on Bitcoin and Nonprofit Organizations! Featuring: Stephanie Murphy as the moderator, Angela Keaton, Director of Operations at Antiwar.com, Carla Gericke, President of the Free State Project, and Teresa Warmke, Treasurer of Fr33 Aid. How do charitable and non-profit organizations accept and use bitcoin? What impact do charities using bitcoin …More

Here is the audio from the panel discussion that I moderated at the Bitcoin 2013 conference about Bitcoin and Nonprofit Organizations! Featuring me, Angela Keaton, Director of Operations at Antiwar.com, Carla Gericke, President of the Free State Project, and Teresa Warmke, Treasurer of Fr33 Aid. Video coming soon! How do charitable and non-profit …More

I was thrilled to be a co-host with Adam B. Levine and Andreas M. Antonopoulos of the first episode of “Let’s Talk Bitcoin,” a twice weekly, high-quality podcast about the exciting world of cryptocurrencies. Enjoy! Subscribe here.    

Porc Therapy 2013-01-25

January 26, 2013

Topics: Dwolla jumped the shark; “Suspicious Activity Reports” in the US and Canada; student expelled from college for finding security vulnerability in school database; a listener witnesses child abuse and wonders – what can he do?; another listener is unhappy at her tattoo apprenticeship and is trying to decide whether …More

Tonight I’m joined by Megan Duffield, who is working with Silver Circle Movie! Silver Circle is an independent film about which takes place during a currency collapse… a group of rebels attempts to stop the Fed and take control of their financial freedom. We talk about the film (watch the …More

Porc Therapy 2012-12-28

December 29, 2012

Topics: How governments work – promising people other people’s stuff; the “fiscal cliff” and 2013 tax increases; more people on welfare than employed in 11 US states; the eternal question of how we can be most free; improving the world through entrepreneurship; self-development through world travel; guns in the US …More

Porc Therapy 2012-10-19

October 20, 2012

Topics: I’m back!; Markets Not Capitalism audiobook is on the Pirate Bay; Intellectual Monopoly; Patents Stifle Prosperity; How Mozilla makes money from open source software; “Copy culture” study says music pirates spend 30% more on music; Anarchist house raided, three jailed for refusing to testify against themselves; Leah Plante released …More

Porc Therapy 2012-09-07

September 8, 2012

The disaster of medicine in America – 750B wasted per year and ⅓ of patients harmed in the hospital; healthcare in America today is far from the concepts in I, Pencil; Ed wants government to pay for healthcare; Marcus responds; Listener email: why am I disinterested in relationships?; alternative currency …More

Porc Therapy 2012-07-13

July 14, 2012

Topics: Listener email – a young man who is a little bit gender nonconforming gets nonconsensually kissed by another man at a party… and his friends take a picture of it and then make fun of him. Time to get some new friends?; the dangerous messages that come from “go …More

Topics: Sexy, rational brains; cognitive biases; deconstructing conspiracy theories; Cas Sunscreen and the Freedom Feens’ take on conspiracy theories; a history of conspiracy theories; how can conspiracy theories decrease the amount of freedom we have in our lives?; build your own conspiracy theory; higher education – how would people get …More

Porc Therapy 2011-10-21

October 22, 2011

Live from Libertopia Festival 2011! Topics: Libertopia; listener email about being trapped in a non-liberty friendly family and wanting to leave; guest Drew, hard money and agorism; guest Tarrin, self-publishing and socially incompetent libertarians; guest Alma, voluntaryism, eschewing voting, religion and women.