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Mo money mo problems… check out this excerpt from Let’s Talk Bitcoin about millibits, the altcoin rally, and all kinds of other bitcoin stuff.

If you’re new to bitcoin and want to know everything about it that you’ve ever been afraid to ask, this show is for you. Got more questions? Let me know what you think. Adam’s show notes: Shownotes for Episode 61 – Let’s Talk Bitcoin for New Users Long promised, much …More

Let the bitcoins flow…

September 21, 2013

Bitcoin fluid dispensers! Intentional communities! And… did the NSA break bitcoin?

Mandrik Talks Bitcoin!

September 20, 2013

This was one of my favorite Let’s Talk Bitcoin episodes ever, and I’m pleased to share it with you. Those of you who have been listening to Porc Therapy for a while may recognize my good friend George Mandrik‘s voice. He shares his perspective as a merchant who has been …More

Nanny coins? Bitcoin speed conference, and Josh Rossi from Satoshi Square!

Bitcoin in Native American lands, Terracoin time warp attack, physical bitcoins, Mastercoin and more!