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Thanks for your patience as I worked through some technical difficulties getting this show out (and please excuse the old school modem at the beginning and lesser audio quality)! Enjoy the ad-free podcast as a thank-you for waiting. I had a great time at PorcFest and it was really fun …More

Porc Therapy 2013-06-07

June 10, 2013

Sorry for the late post! Busy weekend. ;-) Topics: The Free State Project – what does it stand for anyway?; Is the Free State Project a political movement?; Bisexuals coming out of the closet and the woodwork; “Gay invisibility” listener email; Changing demographics of marriage and families in the US; …More

Porc Therapy 2013-05-31

June 1, 2013

Topics: In the first hour we discuss the “troubled teen” industry extensively – how young people are tortured and traumatized in “scared straight” programs at great profit for the abusers; Becca calls in and comes out as bisexual on Porc Therapy! We talk all about being bi and how it …More

Porc Therapy 2013-01-04

January 5, 2013

Topics: Happy New Year and a few quick thoughts on our next trip around the sun; The latest rendition of the dearth of female libertarians question; Julie Borowski’s video; responses from Bleeding Heart Libertarians, Thoughts on Liberty; Bryan Caplan, and Tom Woods; The sexist yoga class (my analogy) and empathy; …More

Porc Therapy 2012-11-23

November 25, 2012

Topics: Undercover UK cops have long term relationships, father children with political activists they are spying on; What happens when your family doesn’t call you on Thanksgiving?; Uganda about to pass death penalty for gays legislation; Family dysfunction holiday survival tips; Voluntary dispute resolution like this happens all the time; …More

Porc Therapy 2012-10-26

October 27, 2012

Topics: Halloween – a response to repression? Costumes changing over time?; Teacher dresses up as maid to reward students; straight Christian man pretends to be gay for a year and writes a book about it; government funding and control of science; working in heavily state-involved industries as a liberty loving …More

Porc Therapy 2012-10-05

October 6, 2012

Topics: No Politics Please filters politicians out of your facebook; gay Boy Scout denied Eagle Scout status; Honduras private cities project in trouble?; listener feedback: Iran vs. Saudi Arabia; How to talk about BO; atheists often know more about religion than religious people, and there’s a parallel to government too; Knowing when …More

Porc Therapy 2012-09-28

September 30, 2012

Topics: Hong Kong tycoon offers $65M award for any man who can get with his daughter (who is married to a woman); the moral case for sex before marriage; Iranian cleric tells woman she’s “poorly covered,” gets beaten; faith healer couple’s 16 yr old son dies of burst appendix; “I’ll …More

Porc Therapy 2012-08-31

September 2, 2012

Topics: American Academy of Pediatrics now in favor of circumcision; US military wants an anti-suicide nasal spray; listener email: a window into the life of an Ex-Mormon; a trans man wants to lead La Leche League group; chef makes breast milk cheese; people can learn during sleep; how epigenetics burns …More

Porc Therapy 2012-08-24

August 25, 2012

Topics: Shooting in NYC; thinking about self-defense; the *new* Blackstone’s ratio; gay assylum article 1 and article 2; a free will-y discussion; a welfare quandary; the role of hope in relationships; bonobo makes sophisticated tools; self-aware robots; and a 15 yr old with no PhD invents a cheaper, faster test for pancreatic …More

I always have fun when I have the opportunity to co-host Flaming Freedom. I was on this week – here’s a repost of the episode! Dale’s description – Hosts Sabbrielle, Stephanie, and Dale :: Nature vs. nurture with stereotypical gender behavior :: Cultural pros & cons of being a man or …More

Porc Therapy 2012-08-03

August 4, 2012

Topics: My drug overdose & Markets Not Capitalism audiobook update; Chick-Fil-A; portraits of secret gay life in Uganda; the Scientology “hole”; Adam & Steve, Cain & Abel; how do you value time vs. money?; things a cop thinks you should never say to police; sociopaths, psychopaths, skepticism about them, and …More

This is a bonus show which was recorded in front of a live studio audience after the Flaming Freedom live show at the Porcupine Freedom Festival 2012! Neal reveals that he is struggling with his identity as a gay man after he’s begun dating a woman for whom he has …More

Live from the Porcupine Freedom Festival 2012! Topics: Intro; Dale Everett from Flaming Freedom and Julia Miranda from Free Talk Live on the Bigger Gayer Dance Party and LGBT visibility; Hannah Braime from Becoming Who You Are on relationships, voluntary association, and ostracism; Jake Desyllas from The Voluntary Life on living free, investing …More

Porc Therapy 2012-06-15

June 16, 2012

Topics: Brian Sovryn joins me; treatment of kids; autism and other “differences”; grains; autistic kids forced to wear shock devices in a “special school”; the Porc Therapy live show  & optional cuddle zone, and other stuff happening at PorcFest next week; megachurch pastor allegedly chokes, punches, and beats daughter with …More