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OK, this show is good, so I’m just reposting the whole thing instead of an excerpt. Private prisons – are they bastions of liberty? Do we even need prisons at all? We take some sacred cows and make hamburgers out of them.

Porc Therapy 2013-05-10

May 11, 2013

Topics: Next week will be an all-listener email show while I’m at the Bitcoin 2013 conference… and next week stay tuned for bonus content; Super gonorrhea!! Is it really as scary or dangerous to you as they say?; Lauryn Hill prison sentence for “tax evasion” and her comments about modern …More

No bonus show this week, but I was very busy guesting on a few other very cool shows done by friends and I’m going to share them with you. I always love being on Flaming Freedom because I have lots of fun with Dale and Neal and it gives me …More

Porc Therapy 2012-03-23

March 24, 2012

Topics: More unwanted mail???; plea deals and justice; schools ban hugging; hydraulic fracturing (fracking); environmental concerns; preparedness, loneliness and personal freedom; religious memes, touch and sexuality; cuddle party?; what happens when people touch to show “ownership?”; father forces son to stand on street corner wearing a sign about failing grades; …More

Porc Therapy 2012-03-16

March 17, 2012

Topics: Porc Therapy adds a 3rd hour to the live show; justice; Kony 2012; punitive vs. restorative justice; the religious roots of punishment and retribution; power dynamics between parents and children; nonviolent communication; the “justice” system; black teenager shot in mostly white neighborhood by neighborhood watchman – cops not charging …More

The first hour of the first live show on the Liberty Radio Network! I had a blast. Special thanks to Ian Freeman, LRN’s program director, for behind-the-scenes help getting the show rolling. Topics: Introducing the new Porc Therapy live show on LRN! Plus, the conviction of fundamentalist Mormon who married …More