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Passport to Freedom

November 8, 2013

On this new show, I interview Andrew Henderson, the Nomad Capitalist. He is someone I would like to talk with more. Fortunately he gives away a lot of great info about personal freedom on his blog. In this interview, we talked about: getting personal freedom through world travel… online businesses …More

After a short update from me, Jake from The Voluntary Life and I sit down to chat more in depth about strategies for quitting the rat race and attaining financial freedom! What is financial freedom? College – is it worth it? Does having kids make financial freedom impossible? Can you …More

After a quick intro from me, hear the talk given by Jake from The Voluntary Life at Libertopia 2013! I found Jake’s talk really inspiring – it’s about four ways to quit the rat race, including – Unjobbing Intensive Saving Passive Income Selling a Business … enjoy!

Here’s part 2 of the Libertopia 2013 hotelcast featuring Hannah Braime from Becoming Who You Are and Jake Desyllas from The Voluntary Life! What is meant by “work ethic” and what kind of work ethic do we want to have? Tune in to find out!

Freedom Lovin’!

August 26, 2013

Kevin Koskella of Freedom Lovin’ interviews me! A few audio issues but a really fun and interesting discussion. I definitely want to do part 2. ;-) Find out what’s been happening in my life and Porc Therapy, personal freedom and freedom from politics, common relationship issues (like how to meet …More

Porc Therapy 2013-04-19

April 20, 2013

Topics: Porc Therapy: the car ‘cast edition! I’m at Anarchy in the NYC!; Boston Marathon bombings, police state crackdown and the unbelievable manhunt; the three falsely accused suspects and what people of color have to deal with that white people don’t; Fr33 Aid becomes the first bitcoin-based charity!; Huffington Post …More

Porc Therapy 2013-04-12

April 15, 2013

Topics: Bitcoin DRAMA with Jack!; financial freedom; classic bubble or totally new animal?; bitcoin mining; serious need for better exchanges; Kristov offers some thoughts about academia and Math Maven’s question from a few weeks ago; choosing relationshps and “friendships” with coworkers; doing theoretical math independently from academia; entrepreneurship and Kristov’s …More

Porc Therapy 2013-04-05

April 6, 2013

Topics: Mises runs a pretty positive piece on bitcoin; Austrian economics and bitcoin?; ReDonate allows you to make recurring bitcoin contributions; another piece on bitcoin from Laissez Faire Books; central banking vs. decentralized banking; financial freedom *is* personal freedom; Brian & Stephanie talk about our views on money, having it, …More

Porc Therapy 2013-03-29

March 30, 2013

Topics: What some mainstream liberals think about “libertarians” – Salon article talking about the Mercatus Center naming North Dakota the freest state in the US; caller Cindy wants to talk about ownership of land – is it legit?; geolibertarianism; another mathematician responds to Math Maven’s question from last week about …More

Live on location from the 2013 New Hampshire Liberty Forum!

Porc Therapy 2013-01-25

January 26, 2013

Topics: Dwolla jumped the shark; “Suspicious Activity Reports” in the US and Canada; student expelled from college for finding security vulnerability in school database; a listener witnesses child abuse and wonders – what can he do?; another listener is unhappy at her tattoo apprenticeship and is trying to decide whether …More

Porc Therapy 2013-01-18

January 19, 2013

Topics: Porc Therapy made Forbes; the Free State Project; best liberty mascots?; Aaron Swartz; the iPhone that came with strings attached; an article discussed previously on Porc Therapy called “How Not to Pay Taxes” brings up a question for a listener – why not become a tax consumer?; voluntary poverty; …More