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This is a double header that makes sense because, well, I got faked out and it took me a week to realize it.

OK, this show is good, so I’m just reposting the whole thing instead of an excerpt. Private prisons – are they bastions of liberty? Do we even need prisons at all? We take some sacred cows and make hamburgers out of them.

Here are some clips from the Free Talk Live 11-17-2013 Sunday show and some extra commentary from me, including an update on my audiobook making adventures. Does Facebook ruin relationships? And, a woman has a young, wealthy husband who views work as an unfortunate necessity and spends his time going …More

I’m trying something different – instead of reposting the entire episode of the Free Talk Live 11/10/2013 Sunday show, I’m clipping out a discussion that we had that was actually rather focused on one subject (a rarity for Free Talk Live). Oh, plus some extra commentary from me. It all started …More

Free Talk Live 2013-11-03

November 4, 2013

Last night we added an extra hour to the show – that’s right, we did four whole hours of FTL! It’s just that we cut out the first hour. On this show, we also talk about the Federal Rice-serve, and bitcoins on the ham radio. Oh, and lizard people.

For those of you who have been listening to Porc Therapy since the beginning (I mean, the *very* beginning)… you will catch the reference to perhaps the most infamous early episode of Porc Therapy ever: the one where Mike and I talked about our feelings on babies dressed as strawberries. …More

Free Talk Live 10/13

October 19, 2013

On Free Talk Live Sunday 10/13, I hosted a stimulating discussion about what to do if someone is hurling dead skunks at your home.

Explaining bitcoin mining and difficulty, the top 5 grand cereal conspiracies, and what distorted thinking emerges for people when they are high on politics! This one definitely goes against the grain. ;-)

Free Talk Live Sunday 9/15! I liked this show a lot. We talked about marriage – why is it that straight guys are less likely to do it? Plus, how juries are completely non-scientific, and why that matters.

Enjoy this Free Talk Live episode from 9/8/2013, hosted by me, Brian Sovryn of Sovryn Tech, and Mark Edge of Free Talk Live fame. Peace! Topics: Student loan bubble about to pop? :: the future of cell phones :: un-jobbing :: Stephanie’s school story :: peace rallies in NH :: Outcome of …More

Sunday Free Talk Live from 8/25/2013! Living in a church to avoid property taxes… is it self-protection, or a breech of integrity? What do hackers do when faced with the NSA director? And is Dr. Phil perpetuating rape culture with his tweets? Have I intrigued you yet? Listen to find …More