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January 13, 2014

Kyle from CoinTalk.ca, a new and very well-produced videocast, was kind enough to interview me on his show last month in Las Vegas. Here’s the audio, where I talk about the history of bitcoin in New Hampshire as well as my personal history with it, and the video is embedded …More

Porc Therapy 2013-06-07

June 10, 2013

Sorry for the late post! Busy weekend. ;-) Topics: The Free State Project – what does it stand for anyway?; Is the Free State Project a political movement?; Bisexuals coming out of the closet and the woodwork; “Gay invisibility” listener email; Changing demographics of marriage and families in the US; …More

Video from the panel discussion on Bitcoin and Nonprofit Organizations! Featuring: Stephanie Murphy as the moderator, Angela Keaton, Director of Operations at Antiwar.com, Carla Gericke, President of the Free State Project, and Teresa Warmke, Treasurer of Fr33 Aid. How do charitable and non-profit organizations accept and use bitcoin? What impact do charities using bitcoin …More

Here is the audio from the panel discussion that I moderated at the Bitcoin 2013 conference about Bitcoin and Nonprofit Organizations! Featuring me, Angela Keaton, Director of Operations at Antiwar.com, Carla Gericke, President of the Free State Project, and Teresa Warmke, Treasurer of Fr33 Aid. Video coming soon! How do charitable and non-profit …More

Here’s the video of the latest bonus show about Bitcoin Not Bombs! Find out what’s going on with them in the show and snag one of their cool bitcoin shirts, which benefit Fr33 Aid, Antiwar.com, and the Free State Project, here. In case you missed the audio-only podcast, here it is.

Check out this bonus show to hear what’s happening with Bitcoin Not Bombs, a launching pad for bitcoin nonprofit organizations. You’ve got to see their new bitcoin shirts, which not only look cool but help out Fr33 Aid, Antiwar.com, and the Free State Project.

Porc Therapy 2013-03-08

March 9, 2013

Topics: It’s International Women’s Day. We discuss the status of men and women in the world, special problems and issues that affect us whether we like it or not, because of our gender; the word “feminism” and its various flavors; Are women saying no to corporate culture because the status …More

Live on location from the 2013 New Hampshire Liberty Forum!

Porc Therapy 2013-01-18

January 19, 2013

Topics: Porc Therapy made Forbes; the Free State Project; best liberty mascots?; Aaron Swartz; the iPhone that came with strings attached; an article discussed previously on Porc Therapy called “How Not to Pay Taxes” brings up a question for a listener – why not become a tax consumer?; voluntary poverty; …More

Porc Therapy 2012-12-28

December 29, 2012

Topics: How governments work – promising people other people’s stuff; the “fiscal cliff” and 2013 tax increases; more people on welfare than employed in 11 US states; the eternal question of how we can be most free; improving the world through entrepreneurship; self-development through world travel; guns in the US …More

Enjoy this interview on the show I’ve Always Wanted To with Marc Linn! I know I did.

My friends Jake from The Voluntary Life and Hannah from Becoming Who You Are join me today for this fun podcast-only show where our discussion centers around living free – now! We begin with a PorcFest 2012 wrap up, then talk about connecting over shared values, immigration issues, the Free State …More

While at PorcFest 2012, I was on Anarchast with Jeff Berwick, who also writes The Dollar Vigilante. Here’s the short video, and the audio alone. Enjoy!

Porc Therapy 2012-06-08

June 9, 2012

Topics: Philadelphia outlaws giving food to homeless people; long term and short term solutions to poverty; Shire Sharing backpack distribution to homeless; Derrick J’s victimless crime spree; “Slutty Wednesday” school dress code protest; SlutWalk (here’s a link to DC SlutWalk); missed court because of illness? Bench warrant for you!; scary …More

Porc Therapy 2012-03-09

March 10, 2012

Topics: Feedback from last week’s show on diversity; the dreaded creeper label; components of creepiness; objectification; do beautiful people get more attention, and why?; “When are you moving to New Hampshire?”; revenge of the nerd (my story about an interaction years later with a high school jock); healthy weight and …More