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Passport to Freedom

November 8, 2013

On this new show, I interview Andrew Henderson, the Nomad Capitalist. He is someone I would like to talk with more. Fortunately he gives away a lot of great info about personal freedom on his blog. In this interview, we talked about: getting personal freedom through world travel… online businesses …More

Porc Therapy 2013-03-01

March 2, 2013

Topics: Bradley Manning pleads guilty to some charges against him; we go inside his historic statement; Tina Turner, US expat; Those who work for the UN, IMF, and World Bank do not pay taxes; Freedom and stability in relationships – can they be reconciled?; Creamy Radio Audio picks up my …More

Porc Therapy 2012-12-28

December 29, 2012

Topics: How governments work – promising people other people’s stuff; the “fiscal cliff” and 2013 tax increases; more people on welfare than employed in 11 US states; the eternal question of how we can be most free; improving the world through entrepreneurship; self-development through world travel; guns in the US …More