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I went on Sovryn Tech to discuss such important matters as celebrity altcoins and bigfoot erotic literature. #gofap, fapstronauts! Brian’s show notes: The Bitcoin challenge? Selling your games for marriage? Also, thoughts on 30c3, the monster erotica, and much, much more… Special Guest: Dr. Stephanie Murphy Stories of the Week: …More

I’ve just returned from Sin City, where I attended the Inside Bitcoins conference. Brian from Sovryn Tech came with me too. Here’s our conference wrapup… which starts off tame enough, but later gets wild, when we reveal what we *really* think about those who believe bitcoin is just a slightly …More

A Trip to Keenevention 2013

November 4, 2013

If you missed the first-ever Keenevention, no worries! Here’s the audio of not just one… not two… but THREE talks from the event. First up, a lively panel discussion that I moderated on bitcoin… and how it can set us free. Newbie friendly! Panelists were: George Mandrik, bitcoin baklava merchant and customer support …More

Kicking off this weekend with a double header! Before I post the archive of last night’s Porc Therapy live show, I wanted to share this episode of Sovryn Tech where I guest hosted with Brian Sovryn. ;-) This was really fun. Mysteries of the human body, transhumanism and bionic hearing, …More

A very special wrapup of the #Bitcoin2013 conference from me, Stephanie Murphy, and Brian Sovryn at Sovryn Tech.

I’m kicking off the week of bonus content with a repost of tonight’s episode of Free Talk Live! Catch me, Brian, and usually Mark every Sunday from 7 – 10 PM EST, you can also call the show during those hours and talk about anything! Subscribe to FTL on Soundcloud …More

Bonus – Sovryn Tech!

March 29, 2013

In a Bacchanalian orgy of auditory delight, I join Brian Sovryn on Sovryn Tech. PS: If you follow his Google+ page, you can get access to the weekly episodes a day early! Show notes… Stories of the Week: —”Chinese Super-Babies” Link: http://tinyurl.com/c4yzf32 —”Armenian Super-Babies” Link: http://tinyurl.com/cpeejob Tech Roulette: —”The Secrets of Breast …More

I’m at the 2013 New Hampshire Liberty Forum! It’s already been fun and most of the weekend still remains to be experienced… including LIVE Porc Therapy Friday night! If you’re at the Liberty Forum, stop by the basement floor from 10 PM – 1 AM for my live show. Be …More