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I was on…. Sovryn Tech Episode 0038: “Would You Do A Robot?”

What was Revealed at Samsung Unpacked? Sex with Robots? Also, more thoughts on technocracy, Snowden “lies,” the meaning of life, and much, much more…

Special Guest: Dr. Stephanie Murphy

Stories of the Week:
—”Will We Ever Want To Have Sex With Robots?” Link:http://goo.gl/RLhELi

Tech Roulette:
—“Physicists To Test If the Universe Is A Computer Simulation” Link:http://goo.gl/5Z8ji

Website of the Week:
—“bitcoinaverage.com” Link: http://bitcoinaverage.com/#USD

Listener E-Mail:
—”Technocratic Elite Questions”

Software of the Week:
—”Boxcryptor” Link: https://www.boxcryptor.com/

Game Talk:
—”Female Soldiers In Call of Duty” Link: http://goo.gl/kexznG

Hacker Stories:
—”NSA Can Break Any Encryption?” Link: http://goo.gl/FXDO9D

Game of the Week:
—”Mighty No. 9” Link: http://goo.gl/EiH997

Pick of the Week:
—”Iron Man 3..errr..Stargate”

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Nanny coins? Bitcoin speed conference, and Josh Rossi from Satoshi Square!

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Bitcoin in Native American lands, Terracoin time warp attack, physical bitcoins, Mastercoin and more!

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Here’s part 2 of the Libertopia 2013 hotelcast featuring Hannah Braime from Becoming Who You Are and Jake Desyllas from The Voluntary Life!

What is meant by “work ethic” and what kind of work ethic do we want to have? Tune in to find out!

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Hi! I’m at Libertopia 2013 right now, enjoying some really fun times with awesome people in beautiful San Diego. This episode starts out with an update on what’s been going on with me and Porc Therapy, and then launches into a new original podcast (in fact, an all-star one which features Jake from The Voluntary Life and Hannah from Becoming Who You Are) – about self-help. Enjoy!

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Freedom Lovin’!

August 26, 2013

Kevin Koskella of Freedom Lovin’ interviews me! A few audio issues but a really fun and interesting discussion. I definitely want to do part 2. ;-)

Find out what’s been happening in my life and Porc Therapy, personal freedom and freedom from politics, common relationship issues (like how to meet partners who share your values) and of course – bitcoin!

Here’s the topic list from Kevin –

0:00 – Intro/Selling my house
6:41 – Medical school and being a Multipotentialite
12:56 – Self-employment for a freer lifestyle
19:07 – Physical/mental health and personal freedom
23:40 – Obamacare and changes to the health care system
29:24 – Solutions to the health care crisis
35:39 – Porc Therapy
39:55 – Personal freedom and activism
43:55 – Relationships
49:26 – Monogamous relationships and jealousy
56:16 – Bitcoin, letstalkbitcoin.com


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Sunday Free Talk Live from 8/25/2013!

Living in a church to avoid property taxes… is it self-protection, or a breech of integrity? What do hackers do when faced with the NSA director? And is Dr. Phil perpetuating rape culture with his tweets? Have I intrigued you yet? Listen to find out.

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Here’s the newest Let’s Talk Bitcoin episode! What do VCs look for in a bitcoin startup? What’s a Buttercoin white label exchange? And a look inside Butterfly Labs and the bitcoin mining sphere… get a flavor for the Inside Bitcoins NYC conference (butter flavor?) and hear what I was up to at that conference.

Site note – I’ve been traveling a lot and had a nice vacation from making Porc Therapy shows, thank you so much for your patience on that. Now that I’m back from the Midwest Peace & Liberty Fest I’ll be resuming special podcast-only content for you very soon. ;-)

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This episode of Let’s Talk Bitcoin (at least the second half) was recorded at the Inside Bitcoins conference in NYC a few weeks ago! This was a great one, I loved the spontaneity and fun of being in the same room with Adam B. Levine and special guest cohost Jonathan Mohan (it’s in the 2nd half of the show after a great interview by Andreas M. Antonopoulos & Andreas Petersen about the Android bitcoin wallet vulnerability). Listen if you want to hear about the recent bitcoin conference in NYC or just hear one of my favorite LTB shows!

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I recently traveled to New York for the Inside Bitcoins conference hosted by Media Bistro. I was a panelist on a great panel called Bitcoin and Freedom of Speech. The panel was moderated by Marc Hochstein, Executive Editor of American Banker. The other panelists were:

  • Trevor Timm – Executive Director of Freedom of the Press Foundation
  • Jonathan Mohan – Founder of Bitcoin NYC
  • Alan Safahi – Founder and CEO of ZipZap
  • Michael Turpin – Cofounder of BitAngels and CEO of SocialRadius

Here’s the audio of the panel, courtesy of Adam B. Levine, my co-host at Let’s Talk Bitcoin!

Pictures courtesy of Brian Cohen, associate and writer with Let’s Talk Bitcoin!



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Here’s a repost of a recent episode of Let’s Talk Bitcoin that I really enjoyed. You can catch me twice a week on Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast: subscribe here!


Shownotes for Episode 28 – Ponzis, Malware, and the Hashing Cartel

  • ASIC’s or Botnets?  What’s the Long Term Solution to our Medium Term Problems?
  • Why isn’t it simple to be a miner?
  • Jeffrey Tucker and I talk about a Bitcoin Standard, The Hard Money Crowd, and Once-and-Future Conferences
  • Can Validation Nodes Be The Solution to Centralization?
  • How do I Get Paid in Bitcoins?
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Here’s Free Talk Live from 8/4/2013, wherein we discuss a major Tor comprimise, the story of a nerdy guy who interviewed women about why they rejected him… and Mark asking a woman out on a first date – to Hooter’s.

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At the request of a listener, I’m reposting some Sunday Free Talk Live episodes!

7/28 was an excellent show… featuring discussion about porn-star teachers, libertarian Meyers-Briggs personality types, and the personhood of dolphins.



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Porc Therapy 2013-07-26

August 1, 2013

Topics: A school in Philadelphia turns around by treating kids like human beings; Canadian government used malnourished native children to experiment on non-consensually; confessions of a serial cheater; The return of Ed!; using no-fap to recover from “death grip syndrome”; Spain taxes sunlight; and… Amazon stuff!

Note: this is the archive of the last live show – it’s been a great 2 years of being live on LRN.FM! Now on to podcast-only content… this is going to be fun. ;-)

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