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I went on Sovryn Tech to discuss such important matters as celebrity altcoins and bigfoot erotic literature. #gofap, fapstronauts! Brian’s show notes: The Bitcoin challenge? Selling your games for marriage? Also, thoughts on 30c3, the monster erotica, and much, much more… Special Guest: Dr. Stephanie Murphy Stories of the Week: …More

I was on Sovryn Tech again this week! Ford knows every crime committed? Bitcoin and the CFR? Also, thoughts on Ethereum, Zerocoin, gamifying life, rape culture, and much, much more… Special Guest: Dr. Stephanie Murphy Stories of the Week: –Rapidfire Stories: Sovryn Tech accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, and ProtoShares, new affiliate …More

I was so pleased to join my good friend Jake on The Voluntary Life again for a two-part show where we address common objections to bitcoin. Jake was already kind enough to share the show notes, so here they are: An interview with Stephanie Murphy looking in-depth at Bitcoin. Stephanie …More

I’ve just returned from Sin City, where I attended the Inside Bitcoins conference. Brian from Sovryn Tech came with me too. Here’s our conference wrapup… which starts off tame enough, but later gets wild, when we reveal what we *really* think about those who believe bitcoin is just a slightly …More

This is a double header that makes sense because, well, I got faked out and it took me a week to realize it.

OK, this show is good, so I’m just reposting the whole thing instead of an excerpt. Private prisons – are they bastions of liberty? Do we even need prisons at all? We take some sacred cows and make hamburgers out of them.

Mo money mo problems… check out this excerpt from Let’s Talk Bitcoin about millibits, the altcoin rally, and all kinds of other bitcoin stuff.

Here are some clips from the Free Talk Live 11-17-2013 Sunday show and some extra commentary from me, including an update on my audiobook making adventures. Does Facebook ruin relationships? And, a woman has a young, wealthy husband who views work as an unfortunate necessity and spends his time going …More

I’m trying something different – instead of reposting the entire episode of the Free Talk Live 11/10/2013 Sunday show, I’m clipping out a discussion that we had that was actually rather focused on one subject (a rarity for Free Talk Live). Oh, plus some extra commentary from me. It all started …More

If you’re new to bitcoin and want to know everything about it that you’ve ever been afraid to ask, this show is for you. Got more questions? Let me know what you think. Adam’s show notes: Shownotes for Episode 61 – Let’s Talk Bitcoin for New Users Long promised, much …More

I was on Sovryn Tech! Follow me down the rabbit hole. Brian’s Show Notes: MPAA setting school curriculum’s? Government mind control? Also, more thoughts on conspiracies, cryptocurrencies, BadBIOS, and much, much more… Special Guest: Dr. Stephanie Murphy Stories of the Week: –Rapidfire Stories: Sovryn Tech Now Accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, and …More

Puke and the Gang

November 22, 2013

Here’s a raunchy appearance, complete with a warty beginning, a dog poo intervention, and some micropeni for good measure. Plus the raunchy re-appearance of my bitcoins.

Free Talk Live 2013-11-03

November 4, 2013

Last night we added an extra hour to the show – that’s right, we did four whole hours of FTL! It’s just that we cut out the first hour. On this show, we also talk about the Federal Rice-serve, and bitcoins on the ham radio. Oh, and lizard people.

For those of you who have been listening to Porc Therapy since the beginning (I mean, the *very* beginning)… you will catch the reference to perhaps the most infamous early episode of Porc Therapy ever: the one where Mike and I talked about our feelings on babies dressed as strawberries. …More

Free Talk Live 10/13

October 19, 2013

On Free Talk Live Sunday 10/13, I hosted a stimulating discussion about what to do if someone is hurling dead skunks at your home.