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Porc Therapy 2013-07-26

August 1, 2013

Topics: A school in Philadelphia turns around by treating kids like human beings; Canadian government used malnourished native children to experiment on non-consensually; confessions of a serial cheater; The return of Ed!; using no-fap to recover from “death grip syndrome”; Spain taxes sunlight; and… Amazon stuff! Note: this is the archive of the last live show – it’s been …More

Porc Therapy 2013-07-19

July 20, 2013

Topics: Self-compassion and health; the scientific basis of stress effects on health; a stimulating conversation about “no-fap” and porn rebooting – with Phil!; Your Brain on Porn; self-compassion about addictions and trauma; a fappy happy ending; the lady who helped reduce rates of female genital mutilation from 100% to 3% …More

Porc Therapy 2013-07-12

July 13, 2013

Topics: I’m back! The dreaded adult ear infection with nasty ear goo details galore – it didn’t kill me, did it make me stronger?; Big announcement – after 2 years…, The pothole Robin Hood and so-called goverment property; How Microsoft plays “team sports” with the government to spy on you; …More

Woo. Well… I’ve been sick. It started out as a sore throat and general feeling of yuck, but after a couple of days that progressed to double ear infections. The pain was awful and both of my eardrums ended up rupturing, causing fluid to leak out of my ears. The …More

Thanks for your patience as I worked through some technical difficulties getting this show out (and please excuse the old school modem at the beginning and lesser audio quality)! Enjoy the ad-free podcast as a thank-you for waiting. I had a great time at PorcFest and it was really fun …More

Porc Therapy 2013-06-14

June 15, 2013

Before I head to PorcFest, here’s last night’s show! For those of you who won’t be there, I’ve got some bonus content coming out for you over the next week, so stay tuned. Be sure to catch Porc Therapy live at PorcFest! Topics: Edward Snowden and the PRISM leak; How …More

Porc Therapy 2013-06-07

June 10, 2013

Sorry for the late post! Busy weekend. ;-) Topics: The Free State Project – what does it stand for anyway?; Is the Free State Project a political movement?; Bisexuals coming out of the closet and the woodwork; “Gay invisibility” listener email; Changing demographics of marriage and families in the US; …More

Porc Therapy 2013-05-31

June 1, 2013

Topics: In the first hour we discuss the “troubled teen” industry extensively – how young people are tortured and traumatized in “scared straight” programs at great profit for the abusers; Becca calls in and comes out as bisexual on Porc Therapy! We talk all about being bi and how it …More

Topics: Teresa, Treasurer of Fr33 Aid joins me in-studio!; Fr33 Aid at Bitcoin Nonprofit Panel at Bitcoin 2013 conference; Antiwar.com sues the FBI for surveiling them and failing to meet FOIA requests; What happens to all whistleblowers (case in point the stop & frisk whistleblower in NYC; This American Life …More

Porc Therapy 2013-05-17

May 17, 2013

This is a pre-recorded show since I’m at the Bitcoin 2013 conference! Releasing at 10 PM Friday… enjoy. ;-) Topics: My plans for the Bitcoin Conference; a listener emails about his extreme suffering from PTSD due to multiple traumas – what can he do to heal?; finding a therapist; treatment …More

Porc Therapy 2013-05-10

May 11, 2013

Topics: Next week will be an all-listener email show while I’m at the Bitcoin 2013 conference… and next week stay tuned for bonus content; Super gonorrhea!! Is it really as scary or dangerous to you as they say?; Lauryn Hill prison sentence for “tax evasion” and her comments about modern …More

Topics: Plans for Bitcoin 2013 update & Bitcoin Not Bombs; news makes people unhappy? Jack joins me to talk about Ripple – what the heck is it and what can we do with it?; Disconnecting from the internet for a year; Robot skin; Amazon stuff!; Whole Foods, GMOs, Monsanto, and the state.  

Porc Therapy 2013-04-26

April 27, 2013

Topics: Travel update! I’m going to the Bitcoin 2013 conference; Let’s Talk Bitcoin; AP twitter account hacked, fake tweet triggers stock market crash; skepticism and evidence; the news; celebrities buying twitter followers?; social networking; a would-be entrepreneur feels like a part of them has already gone Galt; entrepreneurship is not charity; …More

Porc Therapy 2013-04-19

April 20, 2013

Topics: Porc Therapy: the car ‘cast edition! I’m at Anarchy in the NYC!; Boston Marathon bombings, police state crackdown and the unbelievable manhunt; the three falsely accused suspects and what people of color have to deal with that white people don’t; Fr33 Aid becomes the first bitcoin-based charity!; Huffington Post …More

Porc Therapy 2013-04-12

April 15, 2013

Topics: Bitcoin DRAMA with Jack!; financial freedom; classic bubble or totally new animal?; bitcoin mining; serious need for better exchanges; Kristov offers some thoughts about academia and Math Maven’s question from a few weeks ago; choosing relationshps and “friendships” with coworkers; doing theoretical math independently from academia; entrepreneurship and Kristov’s …More