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Four Weeks of Self-Knowledge

Four Weeks of Self-Knowledge: The Guide to Sentence Completion

by Hannah Braime

Audiobook Narrated and Produced by Stephanie Murphy


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What if you could develop a deeper connection with yourself in just 10 minutes a day?

What if you could develop a greater understanding about what makes you tick, feel more in control of your life, more in touch with your desires, and more, well… you?

The Ultimate Guide to Sentence Completion introduces you to a simple practice that will help you deepen your awareness of your beliefs, thoughts and feelings. Explore different aspects of your past, present and future, and expand your self-knowledge in just 10 minutes a day.

In the context of personal development, sentence completion involves finishing a set of sentence ‘stems’. You get the first half of a sentence, then add your own endings. By completing each stem more than once, you open up opportunities for different answers, insights and realisations that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

In this audiobook, you’ll find everything you need to know about sentence completion, a practice that will help you kick-start your personal development journey. You’ll also be able to enjoy the four-week sentence completion audio course included at the end.

The Ultimate Guide to Sentence Completion is for you if:

* You are in the process of becoming who you are
* You want a quick and simple way to learn more about yourself
* You’re looking for new tools to complement your self-growth
* You’re interested in sentence completion but have never tried it
* You know there’s a lot of stuff under the surface but don’t know how to get to it
* You want something that is minimum commitment with maximum results

If you’re stretched for time but want to find a way to connect to and explore your relationship with yourself, sentence completion is a great place to start.


The audiobook is split into two parts:

The first part is a guide to starting a sentence completion practice and the second is a four-week audio course that will deepen your self-knowledge.

During the course you’ll hear each day’s sentences with a pause afterwards in which you can write down your response. Each track is labeled with the week and day so you can keep track of your progress through the course.

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