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Welcome to Porc Therapy – it’s a talk show about personal freedom.  Porc Therapy is hosted by Stephanie Murphy, PhD. The show explores different ways that we can attain more liberty in our lives.

Stephanie looks at social norms and traditions through a critical lens, and tries to apply a rational perspective to every subject that is raised on Porc Therapy.   The result is a show that is very different from traditional talk shows.

On Porc Therapy, Stephanie discusses news items, ideas, listener questions, and takes phone calls.  Porc Therapy is a podcast. Since Stephanie is a host of two other podcasts, Let’s Talk Bitcoin and Free Talk Live, episodes from these other shows are often reposted on the Porc Therapy feed.

Dial 419-785-6834 to leave a voicemail for the show. Email questions@porctherapy.com any time with questions, comments, or anything else you’d like to share.  All listener questions will be kept anonymous if they are discussed on the air, unless you specify that you’d like to be identified.

Please add the Porc Therapy podcast feed to your podcatcher to hear bonus podcast-only content in addition to the weekly live shows. Tune in to LRN to hear Porc Therapy in the podcast loop.

Porc Therapy is so named because “Porc” is short for porcupine, which is an unofficial mascott of liberty loving people.


Porc Therapy logo & graphics by *Avant Garland* ~ lots of graphics (and how you can get a free sticker) here, please download and use liberally.

Porc Therapy Theme Music by *Hannah Hoffman* ~ here are the Porc Therapy theme song, instrumental music bed, and bonus music intro & outro, and karaoke!


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  • Joe Cushing says:

    I think the fact that she is flying the plane speaks for itself. His statement isn’t reason to kick the guy off or even acknowledged him. That said, if he is shouting and making a scene, that could be a reason. Of course if the airline backs her, she has the right to throw anyone off the plane for any reason she wants–even is the airline only wants to fly blonde people. I don’t think that would be very profitable though. I don’t really see a libertarian issue in this article unless the air line was owned by the government.

    I didn’t know what porc therapy meant. That’s why I googled it. I googled it before clicking the youtube video by stephbot. So if it weren’t for the name, I wouldn’t be here.

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