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I was on Sovryn Tech again this week!

Ford knows every crime committed? Bitcoin and the CFR? Also, thoughts on Ethereum, Zerocoin, gamifying life, rape culture, and much, much more…

Special Guest: Dr. Stephanie Murphy

Stories of the Week:
–Rapidfire Stories: Sovryn Tech accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, and ProtoShares, new affiliate links, Nest bought by Google for 3.2 billion, Windows 9 already in development, Canonical to release a high-end phone in 2014, the China Operating System, Wireover.com, and AMD’s Kevari–a 12-core processor.
–”Ford Knows Everything You Do” Link: goo.gl/8JUJ3S

Tech Roulette:
–”Answers and Thoughts On What To Do About the Post-PRISM World”

Software of the Week:
–”JSTorrent” Link: goo.gl/tycx3M

Listener E-Mail:
–”Red and Black vs Yellow and Black”

Game Talk:
–”Gamifying Your Life”

Website of the Week:
–”The Day We Fight Back” Link: thedaywefightback.org/

Hacker Stories:
–”Stuebenville Rapist Released” Link: goo.gl/ZvIRWZ

Game of the Week:
–”DuckTales Remastered”

Pick of the Week:
–”Gavin Goes to CFR” Link: goo.gl/poFIzY

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