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I’ve just returned from Sin City, where I attended the Inside Bitcoins conference. Brian from Sovryn Tech came with me too. Here’s our conference wrapup… which starts off tame enough, but later gets wild, when we reveal what we *really* think about those who believe bitcoin is just a slightly more convenient version of credit cards and not a disruptive technology for freedom. Plus, our TSA woes, slot machine overload, my women and bitcoin rant, and why you don’t have to know the history of the toilet to… use it.

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  • Adam says:

    Tipped. Appreciate the viewpoints. I can see where your frustration with the money-makers’ attitudes comes from.
    Many of the newcomers actually have the idea that it is those with a political view of bitcoin that are hampering it. In arguing against that, I made this point about these conference-speaking types: “All those startups and VCs frothing at the mouth about how much they can make off BTC are the ones twisting the original vision, not intentionally, but because at the drop of a hat they will cede the “no-third-party” principle (as evidenced by the endless talk of “compliance” and all the rainbow coloured lists we have been treated to recently).
    Even if Bitcoin were not about money, it would still be political. A distributed timestamp server is a direct challenge to pre-existing power structures because it creates an objective version of history which cannot be retroactively edited. You only have to read 1984 to see how “dangerous” that invention would be seen by some.”

    Having said all that, the stuff that frustrated you at this conf is (a)inevitable and (b)probably won’t matter long term. BTC does not stand or fall on their whims.

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    • Stephanie says:

      Hey Adam, thanks so much for your comment, and your tip! That last part you wrote about BTC not standing or falling on people’s whims gives me hope. ;-)

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