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Passport to Freedom

November 8, 2013

On this new show, I interview Andrew Henderson, the Nomad Capitalist.

He is someone I would like to talk with more. Fortunately he gives away a lot of great info about personal freedom on his blog.

In this interview, we talked about: getting personal freedom through world travel… online businesses vs. meatspace ones… maintaining friendships and relationships as a nomad… expatriation (aka “if you don’t like it you can leave”)… and how to get started traveling for newbies…

Don’t miss the conference Andrew is organizing, the Passport to Freedom Event – Learn how and where to find more freedom in the world. Learn to live better at less expense overseas. Learn how to invest and make money abroad. (Plus, spend some time in Vegas with some people you’ll definitely want to get to know). Click the banner to find out more!



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