Porc Therapy

I’m kicking off the week of bonus content with a repost of tonight’s episode of Free Talk Live! Catch me, Brian, and usually Mark every Sunday from 7 – 10 PM EST, you can also call the show during those hours and talk about anything! Subscribe to FTL on Soundcloud or their podcast feed.

Topics: Pizza guy update – should he pay the forklift company? :: differences between racial groups? :: racism & far-right websites :: more thoughts for the pizza guy :: credit rating system a “free market reputation system?” :: 20 yr old flying around the world :: government buying ammunition :: renouncing US citizenship, becoming a stateless person :: mustache shirts :: making liberty cool :: celebrating individualism :: Bitcoin 2013 conference :: Person won’t take 18 yr old graduation speech seriously :: newbie bitcoin questions :: Saudi student gets visit from FBI for making rice in a pressure cooker

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